Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Go David Go!

One of the biggest football news 2013 was not record breaking multi-million pounds Gareth Bale move from Tottenham to Real Madrid nor the return of Jose Mourinho to his home Chelsea. What news can possibly be biggest than the retirement announcement made by one of the, if not the greatest football manager of all time?

Give it a bow to Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of Manchester United for 27 years! I wasn't even born when he first took charge at the club and 27 years he had proudly retired as his proclaims came true -- knocking Liverpool off their perch.  

Now, after 27 years reign at the very top Manchester United had been used to challenging and winning every possible trophies available out there. It had became an attitude embedded in the club, flowing through every employees at the club, players and coaches alike. It has became a club where anything else than winning a football match or a trophy is considered a flaw, a failure. 

Finding someone to fill such a huge shoe is certainly be seemed an impossible task. No matter who the person would be (we now know its David Moyes) he would be stepping into an uncharted journey for the club. What would the impact be? How would the supporters, players, coaches, staffs respond to the new man-in-chief? What are the changes he would be making? 

David Moyes, now we all know, is the Chosen One. 

Nine games into the season and Manchester United is found 8th in the BPL table. It was not the familiar place United finds themselves in and as early as the season is, the new man also started to received criticism from al cylinders. Having inherited a Champions that had just won the league with 11 points clear on top in the previous season expectation was so high for the new man to endure. 

Doubts were casted: Why not he retained the same back room staff that had been so successful assisting SAF achieving so much success over the years and brining familiar staff that though bodes well with the new man himself but lack the championship winning experiences that the club needed. And then some may point to the failure of capitalising on the transfer market to bring in world class talents that would project the club into greater heights?

Perhaps it is not an coincident that new players was not brought in, maybe it was intended so the hugely talented youngsters at the club could be given a shot to stamp their places in the first team? Certainly one of them had done it -- Adnan Januzaj and there might be more to come too with so many youngsters of the club starring in their loan deals: Powell, Jesse Lingard (Scored 4 goals during his debut for Birmingham City) and many more. So maybe another generation after the Busby's Babes, the Ferguson's Fledglings, and now perhaps Moyes' Kids?

Every great successes requires a time of pregnancy, where the vision is conceived and nurtured and at the right time, success will be delivered. In the current world of football nothing seems impossible as money now play such a big role on and off the field and perhaps people now are not as patient as those that had given Sir Alex 4 years to conceive and nurtures his vision for the club. But as the out-going great man called upon the supporters during his last speech at Old Trafford: Stand by the new manager.

Go David Go! 

Monday, September 30, 2013

From Undergraduate to Postgraduate

After waving good bye to university not long ago (approximately 1 year+), I now find myself in another level of university study. Some people say too much education aren't too good, though I sort of buy into that idea but I am a firm believer that if one could use whatever learnt in the classroom and apply them in the field then it would give themselves a sharp edge in the market place. 

So here I am,  

University Malaya, must say it is my dream too to study in this university where many regards as the prime university in Malaysia. I understand many may have so many things to say about the good and bad, but I just wish to have a moment to dwell in a feeling of pride being able to study in the country's prime university. As I strongly believe, the way for Malaysia's university to go up is to retain local lads in local universities, so I back it up with my action by enrolling into one these universities.

Having missed out on getting into the university in Bachelor level, it is a dream come true.

The application for admission was simple and straight forwardly done at the university's postgraduate admission website, and after uploading certified copies of relevant supporting documents I am then done with the application for the postgraduate program. The admission results was released 2 months after the application as stipulated.

After receiving the results of admission, I attended a program briefing on the last week of August, registered myself and enrolling to courses in the week after on a separate occasion. Done and dusted, I am now officially a postgraduate student of University of Malaya. 

Another new chapter of my life. I am living my dreams now, working as a scientist and now also postgraduate student. 

Thank you Jesus.

University of Malaya Postgraduate Application for Admission website:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Character X (3) -- Gratitude

"The quality or feeling of being grateful and thankful."

Gratitude is an attitude of knowing and acknowledging kind acts from others. 

Too often that we sometimes took so many things for granted. So many times we hold in mind that everything will fall into place automatically, that success and achievement comes naturally. 

Too often that we had neglected, or event tried to reject claims that the life that we are living now were the results of the contributions from people all around you. We tried to claim that it was only us who could lead ourselves to the life now we are living. 

But deep in us. We know.

We know that there were too many times that when we were on the brink of falling, someone held our hands.

We know that there were moments of self-collapse in our lives and someone was there to give you a pat on your shoulder.

Being grateful to others does not mean that you are relatively inferior to that individual. It doesn't mean that you are weak and therefore you need help from others. In fact it is just the opposite. Showing gratitude shows that you have a healthy self-image that you know how to acknowledge and appreciate what people had done for you.

Gratitude means acknowledging the past, enabling you to live rightly in the present, and give you legacy to strive into the future. 

Gratitude. A Grateful Attitude.